S & B Plant Services' culture is safety. Each day, safety is the number one priority and focus for all of our employees.

Our President, Mr. Greg Atteberry and our Chairman, Mr. James. G. Slaughter, Jr., are proactive ensuring all employees are thoroughly trained and feel empowered to make critical safety decisions from their first day on the job.  All employees are authorized to immediately stop work activities on any project if they feel in danger.  Every incident is methodically reviewed and evaluated with specific actions outlined to prevent similar future incidents. 

S & B Plant Services initiated and implemented a program called “Stop, Step Back & Think” to further enhance our safety culture.  The program received the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) 24th Annual Safety Excellence Award for medium sized general contractors.  “Stop, Step Back & Think” is a paperless behavioral hazard recognition and elimination program focusing on “Watch Out Situations.”   When an incident happens, employees will examine the situation and must identify the “Watch Out” situation that could have been recognized to prevent the incident. The program gets employees instinctively thinking “What is the worse thing that could happen to me and how can I prevent it?”  

In addition, our P.O.P. (People Observing People) allows employees to observe other employees, give feedback on the findings and discuss at morning safety meetings.  Since implementing P.O.P., an increase in “At Risk” behaviors was recognized and discussed during meetings.  This led to a drastic decrease in safety incidents and accidents.

Programs such as “Stop, Step Back & Think” and P.O.P.  engage the employees and make safety the number one issue on their mind.  The safety cultural is ingrained into their actions protecting the employees and our customers.