We Build Relationships

Working inside a customer's operations requires trust by both parties. S & B Plant Services foundation is based on developing long term relationships with our employees and customers.

Our business is a people business. Open communication, loyalty and trust are key characteristics that make projects successful. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the services they need to meet their operational goals. Working with all the S & B companies allows us to provide you with many specialized services to address every aspect needed for your project. In the end, this translates into a greater cost savings for our customers.

  • Strong relationships are keys for success

  • S & B companies - a family of solution providers

  • Partners for achieving operational goals

  • Communication, loyalty, and trust are our conduit for building business relationships

  • Our history has been built on repeat business from satisfied customers

Craft Resources

S & B Plant Services can plan, execute and staff your large or small capital projects. With a culture of safety, honesty and loyalty our workforce is committed to ensuring your project is implemented smoothly, efficiently and correctly. Our employees are constantly learning new techniques and mastering old ones. Our skilled workers are our greatest resource and strength. Our management's philosophy is to serve our employees.

Below are two recent examples of how S & B Plant Services is making our workforce more efficient for our customers while also benefiting our employees.

Example 1:
In a construction industry that is facing an aging workforce and a declining base of skilled workers, S & B Plant Services maintains a staff of training professionals, including NCCER certified trainers and certifiers for all our core craft skills.  We offer on site skills training to our employees at no cost to the employee.  At two of our continuous presence project sites, we have drastically improved the percentage of journeymen work force from 40% NCCER certified  to over 90 % NCCER certified and over 65% NCCER certified plus.  

In addition, we stress career enhancement and currently at these two sites 100% of helpers and labors are actively enrolled in NCCER Careers for Success Program.  By having NCCER certified training available on site, we have made it more convenient for employees to expand their knowledge base thereby reducing accidents on our sites because of increased worker awareness and increasing production and quality of service because of a more knowledgeable workforce.  With a more skilled workforce we are able to maintain excellent safety and increase productivity.  Over the last 12 months, our continuous presence project sites have maintained a 98.5 % weld acceptance rate, thereby minimizing rework and also maintained a combined productivity factor of .99 resulting in over 6,700 saved work hours.

Example 2:
S & B Plant Services is always looking for more ways to become more efficient in costs and time. We recently implemented new medical testing on sites saving lost production hours. Medical surveillance requirements for contractors often require pulmonary fit tests and audiometric baselines on an annual basis.  Maintaining these requirements typically requires sending personnel off-site to a testing facility resulting in hours of unproductive time for personnel and supervision.  At one of our continuous presence project sites, we certified our on site medic and purchased required testing equipment to allow this testing to be completed on site and the test results verified by outside medical.  By administering these tests on-site, we eliminated over 2,100 lost production hours maintaining a project site continuity for both supervision and labor, which indirectly aids in maintaining productivity.