Safety is the core and culture of S & B Plant Services.  Our primary focus each day is to have a safe environment. S & B Plant Services depends on the skills of our employees for successful execution of projects, and our employees demand and deserve a safe place to perform their services.  All of our employees are empowered to stop work activities if they feel that they or others are in danger.  S & B Plant Services won the coveted HBR Safety Excellence Award in 2011 for our overall safety program and outstanding culture.  Continuous attention and focus on the importance of safety, health and our behavior toward safety all capture our passion for zero.

  • HBR Safety Excellence Award - Recipient
  • Behavioral Based Safety program
  • P.O.P. - People Observing People program
  • Safety is our culture; People are our business
  • Individual safety and design safety are viewed as moral issues at S & B
  • James Slaughter, Jr., S & B Engineers and Constructors’ President, received the Carroll H. Dunn Award for Excellence from the Construction Industry Institute


People are our business.  Our number one asset is our employees, and here at S & B Plant Services, we believe relationships developed with our employees are the company’s greatest strength.  S & B Plant Services encourages and provides the opportunities for our employees to improve their skill sets, expand their knowledge base, and develop their career path through training programs developed by NCCER, S & B’s Careers for Success Program, and S & B’s Leadership and Supervisory training programs.  We are proud of our employees and we take pride in our ability to provide a highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated team to each and every project.

  • Safety culture
  • Driven by leadership in the industry
  • Business through building relationships
  • Opportunity for career development through training programs
  • Database of over 40,000 current and past
    S & B craft employees