As a medium size, family owned company, S & B Plant Services provides unique capabilities to our customers. When working with S & B Plant Services, you'll develop relationships with all levels of our staff including managers, craft workers and even our President and Chairman. In turn, our staff will get to know and develop relationships with your employees at all levels. Together, this builds a trusting partnership that leads to a safer site, more productive workforce and an increase in overall cost efficiency. S & B Plant Services offers high quality services, exceptional safety, and world class value.

  • People business - our employees are our greatest strength

  • Relationship based organization

  • Experienced EPC teams

  • Safety and family based culture

  • Excellence in execution through planning and experience

  • Integrated project management systems program - iPims

  • Proven history since 1967

  • Merit shop construction

S & B Plant Services provides a project management tool called iPIMS® to our customer that organizes and simplifies the work flow. All the data is centrally stored and accessed real time via the internet. The service is similar to the personal Cloud based storage many individuals use for their personal electronic devices.

iPIMS® is used to collect, manage, and integrate project data and documents from the planning stages all the way through engineering, construction, start-up, and then feed forward into the owner lifecycle systems. Project related data is collected and sifted to form valuable information that can be managed and used by every component of the project team.

iPIMS® consists of a series of modules that are fully integrated to provide every team member with the ability to build on the progress of others. This modular design enables the team to utilize ONLY the modules that are required to manage a specific project. The team will decide which modules to use to ensure cost-effective management. Since the project reporting needs for each client differs for every project, this system was purposely designed to be flexible.

  • Online, real-time project information system

  • Transaction based

  • Built around EPC workflow

  • Single Entry, Multiple Use

  • Performs engineering calculations, error checking

  • Data and Documents - all linked via assets

  • Secure Access via Internet

  • Collaborative document reviews


S & B Plant Services provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to our clients. Whether a customer is building new capital construction or remodeling existing infrastructure, S & B Plant Services with S & B Engineers and Constructors can design and plan the project. Our engineers will directly collaborate on the project with the construction team ensuring the best possible design.

  • EPC alliance for small capital construction and maintenance programs

  • Dedicated solution provider under one roof

  • Industry leader in procurement capabilities to ensure quality and competitiveness

  • Best value country engineering capability with our S & B India engineering offices